Friday, May 4, 2012

HORRORHOUND magazine Cover Art / Artists Spotlight

Hey everyone,

I was recently featured in the "Artists Spotlight" in the May/June issue of HORRORHOUND magazine. I was also asked to do the cover artwork for the same issue.
Being my favorite horror magazine, this was an honor and feel really fortunate to have had this great opportunity. So check out the artwork and interview, its available now.

Here is a brief run down of what else is in the issue...
HorrorHound Magazine #35 is now available. This is our Alien issue - and contains one of the most jam-packed retrospectives ever printed within the pages of HorrorHound Magazine. A complete collector's guide (or as complete as we could deliver) for the Alien franchise, from the Ridley Scott original, to James Cameron's epic Aliens ... Alien3, Resurrection and the AVP series.

On top of this we boast an exclusive interview with The Loved Ones director Sean Byrne, articles on Shameless Screen Entertainment, Video Invasion: AIR Video, Horror's Hallowed Grounds, Mars Attacks! and a massive toy section showcasing everything from Gremlins and Universal Monsters to A Nightmare on Elm Street - plus an exclusive sneak peek into NECA's upcoming Aliens toy line!

Cover HorrorHound magazine May/June issue

Artists Spotlight article HorrorHound magazine

Original ALIEN cover art HorrorHound Magazine