Friday, July 29, 2011


Hey everyone,
So here is a design I did for Fright Rags awhile back. It is for the one of the wackiest little horror movies ever...1987's gem... "BLOOD DINER". Having only been officially released on VHS, and a few bootleg DVD's, this movie has been seen by few since its initial release and has since somewhat disappeared into obscurity. ...So for those die hard Blood Diner fans out there... enjoy this tasty treat!

So head over to FRIGHT RAGS and pick yours up.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Hey everybody, here is the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE :Part 2 design I recently finished for horror clothing company FRIGHT RAGS. The shirt will only be available July 8-10th and you must be on the Fright Rags mailing list to be able to get your hands on this killer package. 

The package includes...
  • CHOOSE FROM TWO LIMITED EDITION T-SHIRTS – We are offering you a choice of two different shirts with this extreme edition. As classic as the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is, horror fans have long held a special place in their hearts for the follow up Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. So we felt it best to pay homage to each movie with a shirt design for both films. To do that, we created a design for each that reflected the tone of each film.
    Pick the one you like best, or get them both!
  • 11x17 POSTER 
  • COLLECTOR'S BOX –  All of these contents will come packaged in a keepsake collector's box straight from the Black Maria Trucking Company..
  • COLLECTOR'S TIN OF DIRT – EVERY shirt package will also come with a collector's tin containing dirt fromthe original filming location of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) on Quick Hill in Round Rock, TX.