Thursday, February 21, 2013


They shouldn't have messed with Marty! Now he's back in this all NEW shirt design for the 1986 slasher.... SLAUGHTER HIGH! With artwork done by yours truly, the shirt will debut and be available via FRIGHT RAGS on Friday Feb 22. So head over to their website by clicking here and pick yours up!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hey horror fans, if you're a fan of Jaime Lee Curtis and slasher flicks well this one is right up your alley. Here is the new TERROR TRAIN t-shirt I did for FRIGHT RAGS. This one was just released this passed Tuesday Jan 22nd, so be sure to pick yours up before its too late!

Click HERE to order yours


Hey everyone, here is the shirt design I did awhile back for one of my all time favorites... some say it's so bad it's good, others say its just plain bad. Any way you cut this cheese is excellent. Its none other than Terry Loftons' 1985 classic! NAIL GUN MASSACRE.

So if you wanna get nailed check out the movie and be sure to head over to FRIGHT RAGS and pick up the shirt. And hurry before they are all gone!

I attached a few pics of some things in my personal NGM collection below. Check it out.

above/clockwise: Original Magnum VHS release(you'll notice there is a price tag on it in the upper left hand corner. It is the original price tag from back in the day, this bad boy retailed at $79.95, wow!) NGM Fright Rags T-shirt, NGM Frightmare Video VHS re-release (signed by Rocky Patterson and Michele Meyer), original NGM Futuristic Films DVD release, and finally the Synapse DVD release.

Below: NGM  Magnum VHS poster signed by Rocky Patterson and Michelle Meyer. Thanks Kristy Jett