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Reign In Art.com interview

Slasher Studio talks about the Troglodyte Art

There is a lot of album art that doesn’t really represent the music its made to portray and then there are covers like the recent Troglodyte Art where you know exactly what your getting into before ever listening to the band. Justin Osbourn of Slasher Studios is the the mastermind behind this and the art of Hammerlord “Wolves at Wars End”, Aborted “Coronary Reconstruction”, Essence “Lost In Violence” and many more.  We tracked him down to ask him a few questions about the recent Troglodyte album art..and if you ask me Troglodyte is music that will probably rip my face off.

Check out more of his work at www.osbourndraw.com & www.facebook.com/slasherdesign
Troglodyte - Welcome To Boggy Creek

What medium did you use and how did you create that classic movie poster feel?
It was painted digitally in photoshop for the most part. Most of the things that go into getting that classic look has a lot to do with the style in which it is done and the coloring. Ya kinda want those matte somewhat desaturated colors, not to bright. Adding the worn edges and creases can really help give it that aged look as well. There are a lot of ways to go about it I suppose, but those are a few for ya.


How many concepts did you work with till you settled on the one for the cover?
I actually only did the one. I kinda had this rough story or scene so to speak in my head. I really wanted to capture a very “moody” almost desolate eerie scene. A camper or maybe a “bigfoot hunter” alone at a cabin in the woods, trying to get a photo of the rarely seen monster and then the it attacks and rips your face off.


What themes are driving the artistic direction?
Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti, Boggy Creek, carnage, and a classic look and feel. That’s pretty much it, haha.

Rue Morgue Magazine article

How closely did you work with the band/label or were you given creative freedom?
Well, I actually didn’t work with the label at all. I just worked with Jeff Sisson (Troglodyte), who is quite the creative dude in his own right and he gave me complete creative control for the most part. Pretty much said to “just go for it.” It really was the ideal situation for me. Just gimme the album title, a rough idea of what were going for and l do my thing, haha. And I think its actually my personal favorite album cover/layout I’ve ever done so far.

Slasher Studio

You do album covers, posters, shirts, etc, which do you prefer and which do you find most rewarding?

I would say drop the “etc.” and you would have my three favorite things to do. (album art, movie posters, and t-shirt designs) If I had to pick from those it would probably be album art/layouts.  As far as rewarding… I think anytime a project turns out exactly how ya pictured it in your head and pleased the client at the same time it’s rewarding.  A specific instance was when I did the movie poster for Perkins’ 14. Although it wasn’t a huge movie or anything, it was incredibly awesome to be able to go see the movie in the theater and think “I did the poster for that”. Or maybe it was just the case that it was the first movie poster I did.

Slasher Studio
Slasher Studio

Who are your influences as an artist?
Hmmm, thats kinda of a tough one actually. I guess if I had to mention a few artists (that I know of at least) that seem like damn near everything they do is pretty much golden and I love would be… Jeff Zornow, Ed Repka, and Tom “The Dude” Hodge. I really love the art from the 70′s and 80′s especially in the exploitation/horror genre.

A lot of your work is based in horror movie design, we have to ask whats your favorite Movie?

Hands down my all time favorite is George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. Has been since I was about 7 or 8 years old. A few other of my favorites are DuelChopping MallNight of the CreepsPhantasm, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Some non horror favorites would be Dumb and Dumber, Dirty Harry, and Spinal Tap.


If there was no Black Sabbath what would there be…haha?
Well… there might not be a lot of the metal bands I listen to… but what would exist?… its really hard to say. Probably a lot of good bands still. And I’m pretty sure Randy Travis would still be Diggin Up Bones, haha!

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